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While we have a wide range of standard products, it is important to appreciate that over 50% of our custom consists of products especially modified to suit exact client specifications.  In particular, dimensions, noise levels, fan performance and cabinet shape to suit the most demanding of architectural styling.

Our custom manufacturing service is second to none.  Many examples are illustrated on this site, but if you have a particular request, please do not hesitate to call us and discuss it.

Air Curtains

Heated or unheated, air curtains effectively separate the indoor and outdoor atmospheres. Avon can custom make Air Curtains or supply a range of standard models.

Air Handlers

We manufacture a wide range of air handlers. For indoor and outdoor install, with a range of noise levels, airflows, air filtration, control and cabinet shape specifications.

Electroduct Duct Heaters

ELECTRODUCTs are the basis of all Avon Electric Heaters. They incorporate "open wound" spiral elements supported by a unique (design registered) method that does not rely on element tension for integrity, and are ultra reliable.

Electroduct Element Banks
Superfan Heaters

Designed and manufactured in NZ, Avon SUPERFAN Heaters have been in continuous production since 1964, and are truly the very best large capacity fan / space heater available today. Customised to suit your specifications.

Heat Recovery

For HVAC & process heat recovery, dehumidification, indirect evaporative cooling, etc Up to 95% efficient, high temperature models available.


Avon Electric Ltd is the sole New Zealand agent for a number of companies specialising in the manufacture of quality dehumidification equipment.


We offer a wide range of fans, with capacities ranging from 300l/s to 10,000l/s, and ultra-compact fans for applications where space is an issue.,

Other Heating

Avon also supplies a range of Infra-red heaters, heated and unheated air curtains, portable heaters and specialist process heaters.


More info coming soon.

An innovative product which allows the novice to erect an extremely strong geodesic framework. Ideal for carports, garden sheds, woodsheds, gazebos etc