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Swimming Pool Environment and Condensation Control with an "Air to Air" Heat Exchanger

When this indoor pool was built in a luxury Canterbury home, special consideration was given to the issues of humidity and condensation and the structural damage that damp can cause.

Ventilation is the solution, and by utilising a system which contained an "Air to Air" heat exchanger, which recycles the heat from the exhaust air to warm the incoming air, heating costs were kept down.

This "Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)" system was designed to be fully automatic, switching between three operating modes (see links on the left) as circumstances dictated.

This example is a private pool in a luxury home but the same problems are encountered in larger public pools.
Equally, similar solutions can be reached. The performance charts (see links on the left) refer to a number of swimming pools throughout the country where we have installed HRV systems.

Ventilation is one solution to humidity problems, and "Heat Recovery Ventilation" by re-cycling energy makes the most sense, both economically and ecologically.

Avon Electric Ltd can also design and supply a mechanical dehumidification system, tailor made to suit your needs.