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BAXI, UK Ltd. Whose pioneering asthma research led to the development of their Heat Recovery Ventilation systems. Winning the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation.

Please note BAXI has been recently taken over by Vent-Axia.   Please visit the Vent-Axia website for current product information

HEATEX, Sweden. Our relationship with this company has helped develop a range of "Air to Air" heat exchangers, specially designed for the extreme variations of the New Zealand climate.


FRICO - We are sole agents for Frico products in New Zealand.
Frico manufacture a range of air curtains, fan heaters and infra-red heating systems


MARS manufacture a range of both heated and unheated air curtains

DEHUTECH produce a range of desiccant dehumidifiers - that can be relied upon to perform even at low temperatures where mechanical dehumidifiers fail.

CALOREX are a UK company specialising in mechanical dehumidification solutions for swimming pool situations.

LIFEBREATH Clean Air Systems incorporate TFP air cleaners, which provide HEPA filtration with minimal air flow resistance.


FHP manufactures a range of heat pumps, primarily of the earth source type.

SWEP manufacture a large range of heat exchange equipment for all types of installation: industrial, hazardous chemical, solvents etc.

IXL are a leading domestic heating company, established 150 years ago they are one of Australia's oldest companies.  Their present range includes some of the quietest fan heaters available.


E-TECH specialise in the use of heat-pump technology to provide dehumidification solutions with heat recovery for indoor swimming pools.