Brochures / Downloads

We have various product brochures available for download in pdf format. Adobe Reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe website if required. As we offer a large range of both custom built and imported products, if you are looking for something that's not listed, please contact us on 0800 379 247, or send an enquiry to to see if we have the right solution for you.

Avon Custom Manufactured Products


Avon Superfan Heater

Made in New Zealand by Avon Electric Ltd.  The ideal heating solution for large spaces, available in a range of capacities for use as a space heater or heated air curtain.



Avon Air Handlers

Manufacturing Air Handlers for a range of applications, indoor or outdoor installation


Avon Electroduct Duct Heaters and Heater Banks

Open coil Electric Heating Elements




Solarbeam Radiant Heaters

Quartz Halogen Radiant Heaters




Healthy home ventilation - energy efficient solutions to condensation and indoor air quality problems

We are sole NZ agents for Frico of Sweden and import a number of low cost heaters and Air Curtains including the stylish range of PA Air Curtains with intelligent control


Recessed Air Curtains

Air Curtains designed for recessed installation in a ceiling cavity

AR200 Series Brochure
AR3500/AR4200 Brochure


PA2500 Series

Stylish Air Curtain for installation heights up to 2.5m

PA2500 Series Brochure


PA2200C & PA3200C Series

Compact Air Curtains with integral controls for installation heights up to 2.2/3.2m

PA2200c Series Brochure
PA3200c Series Brochure


PA3500 & PA4200 Series

Stylish Air Curtains for vertical or horizontal mounting (up to 3.5/4.2m high vertical install)

PA3500 Series Brochure
PA4200 Series Brochure


AD & AC Corinte Series

Air Curtains where a high level of design is required - for vertical or horizontal mounting

AD & AC Corinte Brochure


Elztrip Radiant Heaters

Ceiling mounted Radiant panel for total or supplementary heating

Elztrip EZ100 Brochure
Elztrip EZ200 Brochure
Elztrip EZ300 Brochure


Thermocassette HP

Discrete radiant panel for recessed or surface mounting

Thermocassette Brochure


Thermoplus EC

Slim radiant panel for discreet installation

Thermoplus Brochure


CIR Infrared Heater

Comfort Infra Red ideal for balconies, terraces and spot heating.

CIR Brochure

Dehumidification - We are sole NZ agents for Calorex Mechanical Dehumidifiers and Dehutech (Sweden) Desiccant model Dehumidifiers

Calorex Portable

High performance mobile

Calorex Commercial &
Industrial Dehumidifiers

A wide range of dehumidifiers for various applications

Calorex Pool

Dehumidifiers for pool hall environment control

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Cost effective range of packaged dehumidifiers