The Beta Awards Scheme was started in 1992 in order to promote energy efficiency.   In the Awards' inaugural year Avon Electric products featured in the finalists of all categories.

The following extracts are taken from the booklet which accompanied these awards:




he Beta Awards Scheme was established to recognise the contribution electrical techniques and services can make to the energy efficiency of commercial buildings.

The name Beta is derived from the Greek letter eta, representing efficiency, combined with the letter 'B' for buildings.

The scheme recognises particular buildings, together with their designers and operators, that have adopted a cost effective electrical service or technique which has led to one or both of the following benefits:

for new buildings

  • low total energy costs to operate the building
  • a high standard of environment or amenity in the building

for existing buildings

  • a saving in total costs to operate the building
  • improvement in the environment or amenity of the building.

The scheme is open to private and public buildings including educational premises, exhibition centres, health and leisure centres, hotels, libraries, museums, offices, places of worship and retail outlets.  It is not open to domestic, farming or horticultural buildings, or to manufacturing processes which are covered by other award schemes.

Buildings are judged in two categories according to their size.

  • Category 1 - up to 600m2 in floor area
  • Category 2 - 600m2 and over.





CentralPower has operated its retail appliance shop and accounts receiving office in Fielding for18 months

Instead of installing conventional convector heating to keep the shop warm during winter, an electric air curtain was installed above the main entrance.


As well as keeping cold draughts out of the showroom, the air curtain also has a positive effect on customer traffic by "drawing" customers to the warmth as they pass and by providing a welcoming warmth as they enter the shop on a cold day.   Customers and staff think the air curtains are great.  CentralPower estimate that the air curtain has resulted in a 43% per annum saving as compared to conventional electric heating costs.

Avon Electric, three stage
18kW air curtain